The Joy of Gardening in Southern Ontario

I love gardening in my Zone 5 garden. To many it would not seem like an exciting place to garden. The ground is frozen from December to April and four large Maple Trees shade the West facing back garden all Summer. Dispite this, much magic and joy happens in this small space every year.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Summer's Thoughts and Changes

The last two are from my garden, the vegetables were picked in August.

I was asked for more pictures of the Lost Gardens of Helligan. So here are a few more.

This summer has been different, for a variety of reasons, the garden had to look after itself. Funnily enough, it has looked great all summer, the flowers blossomed, the grasses were still blessed with their beautiful feathery seeds. The butterflies continued to enjoy the profusion of flowers and the humming birds still drunk nectar to their fill. Hmm, may be I’m not so important.

Every evening returning from work, the chaotic and joyous site of all the plants in the front garden welcomed me home. I love nature, it’s incredible beauty and deep complexity reaches into my deepest soul and somehow elevates me. It keeps me grounded.

This summer, the urgency of climate change has slowly stolen my priorities, I can’t help thinking, “What are we doing dithering about the most important issue in human history?”. I personally have known about the Greenhouse Effect since the early 70’s. Here we are after 30 years, still dithering, still procrastinating like some reluctant teenager hovering over their homework. The difference is that this procrastination will destroy the lives of our grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond.

There are many things that we can do in our personal lives to cut our consumption of carbon based fuels but, the most important thing to do is to become active. Take part in our communities. With more than half the population of the world in urban areas, it will be changes in these areas that will make the difference. The way we build our communities now will determine our transport, heating/cooling and food transportation requirements. These are all things that we can effect through local advocacy.

So happy gardening and don’t forget Mother Nature, she needs us more than ever.