The Joy of Gardening in Southern Ontario

I love gardening in my Zone 5 garden. To many it would not seem like an exciting place to garden. The ground is frozen from December to April and four large Maple Trees shade the West facing back garden all Summer. Dispite this, much magic and joy happens in this small space every year.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The First Mild Days

I know that the cold weather will return but, somehow, the 'warm' rain that washes away the snow also washes away the feeling of winter.

The daffodils have forced their way above ground and are declaring bravely that spring is around the corner. Spring could be six weeks away but their optimism heartens me.

Many of the seeds have germinated and are now pushing out new leaves, the stubborn ones are still reluctant to germinate.

I went to Canada Blooms today. It doesn't capture the excitement and beauty of gardening. Perhaps it is because it is not my garden or, I don't have the wonder of seeing the plants break out of the soil after many frigid month. It could also be the formality. I'm not sure why but, it was great to see so many flowers.

This weekend, inspired by the mild weather, I'll start to force the rhubarb and plant extra tomato seedlings for friends and family. I'll also start to take the Canna and other tubers out of the cold room and put my fig tree outside (the forecasters are saying that it will stay above or close to freezing for the week).

After being outside on Sunday

It feels so good to be outside gardening, oh wow! My whole being sung as I walked around the garden. I tidied the pond and removed the dead leaves; put a half barrel over the rhubarb to start forcing it and generally wondered about marvelling at the fact that things were starting to push through the frozen soil.

I took the bubble wrap off the greenhouse and coldframe, although I can roll it back if necessary. All the slightly tender plants in the coldframe have survived the Winter and are now starting to grow (Rosemary, tender grasses, Parsley and Sages).

With the bubble wrap off the greenhouse I will have to be very careful on the first few sunny days. The seedlings will need protecting from the strong light until they get used to it. I have a shade cloth with which to cover the greenhouse if the sun gets too strong over the next week.

The picture at the top is an orchid that is currently flowering in the kitchen.